The Right Painting Services

  • Discount Painters

    There are different types of painters. Production painters are quick, often painting an entire apartment interior in under three hours, and can offer substantial discounts. This type of painter is acceptable for apartment prep or homeowners wanting to touch-up the house before a sale.

  • Specialized Painters

    Specialty painters usually limit their work to painting cabinets, floors, swimming pools, or other specialty areas. Some painters specialize in painting metal objects. By limiting their work to one or two specialties, they become masters in their area of expertise and can deliver exceptional work quality.

  • Customized Painters

    Custom painters are professionals who specialize in painting expensive homes or commercial property. They are the best and most professional painters available and offer exceptional results with attention to detail such as painting, staining, and varnishing staircases, wood trim, or custom wall designs.

If you're looking to hire a custom or commercial painting contractor in the New Jersey area, contact Brennan's Custom Painting. They have been painting homes and commercial property for 30 years. They use the finest paints available and are committed to full customer satisfaction.